> Can I get a refund?

Yes. We will refund all refundable tickets. A $15 administration fee applies to each ticket. You must return the ticket and the receipt. Refunds are made according to the payment method. Gift certificates are not refundable and no refund will be made if the passenger cancels less than 24 hours before the scheduled date of the flight.

> How will we get back to the departure point?

During the flight, a ground crew tracks the balloon and remains in permanent communication with the pilot. Its objective is to find and recover the balloon when it touches down. After the customary celebration, the team will be happy to take you back to the departure point.

> How does the planning meeting with the pilot take place?

The pilot decides whether the weather conditions are favorable for the flight. He will also be the one who calls you to confirm his final decision (positive or negative) on proceeding with the planned flight. If the decision is positive, he will contact you without delay to schedule the departure time. As for the meeting place, this depends on the wind direction and the available landing sites.

> How should I dress?

Wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the season. In summer, pants, flat-soled shoes or sneakers are perfect. You might want a hat for protection from the heat of the burners. It’s a good idea to layer your clothes, especially for morning flights, when the sun tends to warm up the air. In winter, a ski suit, a hat, mittens and warm boots are all you need for a comfortable flight.

> What time do balloons usually fly?

There are two ideal flight times, early morning (6 am) and late afternoon (around 6 pm).

> Where do balloons usually take off?

There are any numbers of sites where balloons can be inflated. The pilot’s choice of take-off site simply depends on the wind speed and direction. But remember that in winter, we have fewer sites to choose from because of the snow cover.

> Can I bring any electronic devices aboard?

The balloon’s gondola is a very stable platform for taking photos and videos. We do not advise using your cell phone because it could interfere with communications between the pilot and his ground crew during the flight.

> How far will we travel?

The distance varies greatly and is closely linked to wind speed. In low altitude winds are usually light, while in high altitude the winds tend to be stronger. Generally speaking, you can expect to cover from 5 to 15 kilometers.

> How long is the average flight?

The length of every flight varies, making each a unique experience. From take-off to landing, the flight lasts about an hour – sometimes more, sometimes less. Again, it depends on wind speed and direction. In all, plan about four hours for the entire activity, including the post-flight celebration and the ride back to the departure point.

> What altitude(s) will we reach?

We can fly at different altitudes. Because the wind varies greatly, the pilot will decide the best altitude for the weather conditions. This means that we could be skimming cornfields or rising to 5,000 feet!

> What temperature should I expect in altitude?

Temperatures vary according to the season. Even in the height of summer, it can be cool and even cold at some altitudes, just as the temperature could be above average for the season.

> Could I experience vertigo during the flight?

Hanging from a balloon in a gondola is a unique and incomparable experience that is entirely different from standing on the edge of a cliff or on the roof of a skyscraper. You barely feel the wind and there is almost perfect silence. In our experience, even the most nervous passengers quickly relax once the flight is underway.

> Where will we land?

This will depend on the wind. The charm of ballooning lies in the fact that each flight is different. At the end of the flight, the pilot looks for a field with no animals or standing crops to land safely in. Passengers will tell you that the landing is the most thrilling part of the excursion even though it might seem to be the touchiest. Under all circumstances, the pilot will tell you the position to take during landing, in compliance with current regulations.

> Where does the tradition of the champagne toast come from?

Your first balloon flight is always a highly emotional experience. It’s only fitting to celebrate the event with a glass of bubbly, a tradition dating from the earliest balloon flights, as far back as 1783.

> Can I give a balloon flight as a gift?

A balloon flight makes a fun and original gift to celebrate a birthday, a wedding anniversary or even the wedding itself! Balloons literally rise to any special occasion!

> Can I book a group flight?

Absolutely. Ask about our special group rates.

> Can I change my reservation date?

Of course! We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur. In this case, the best thing to do is to advise us as soon as possible so that we can agree on a new date.

> What happens if the flight is cancelled?

It’s up to the pilot to decide whether the flight will proceed or not. If the weather is not good on the day of the flight, we will let you know as soon as possible the same day so that we can agree on another date for the flight, in hopes that the weather conditions will be more favorable.

> Is the balloon safe?

Statistics show that balloons are the safest of all aircraft, and our pilots are trained under strict Transport Canada standards. Our gondolas are padded inside for the comfort of passengers and are equipped for the safety of each passenger during landing.

> Is there an age limit for balloon flights?

There is no age limit on flights, so if you want a unique experience, welcome aboard! However, it would be preferable to tell us if you suffer or have suffered from conditions such as back pain, so that we can make your flight as pleasant as possible. Children are also welcome, but they must be tall enough to see over the side of the gondola (about four feet). We don’t recommend bringing children under the age of five on balloon flights.