We want to offer people the exhilarating sensation, to fly with the birds. Let the winds give you an unforgettable experience of ballooning in the sky’s of Quebec.


La Magie de l’air enr. Was created in 2010 by a young pilot Mr. Eric Hamel. In april of 2012, 2 other pilots Mr. Patrick Cloutier and Mr. Martin Isabelle, joined the company to share their passion of ballooning. After several meetings and discussions, they decided to put together their common dreams. That was to share their passions with the public and tourists offering flights in a hot air balloon. It was at this time, they rebuilt the company to become: La Magie de l’air inc. Then they added to the team Ms. Chantal Brodeur and Ms. Sonia Bossé.

In august of 2012, La magie de l’air inc, became the administrator of the second largest company offering hot air balloon flights in Quebec, with a different knowledge and experiences in the world of ballooning. This young company has quickly established an excellent reputation and very high standards. It is therefore with great success the first major challenge has been achieved.

Having a vision, passion and a common dream, Serge Guillette pilot for 19 years joined the team in January 2013.

And now

Come experience the thrill to fly with La magie de l’air.